Monday, 5 May 2014

Lady in Red - My Top Five Red Nail Polishes

Along with red lipstick, red nail polish just adds that extra level of glam and sophistication to an overall look.  So you might be wondering why I'm all about the red polishes, well, I'm actually going to be painting nails at my friend's Burlesque event on Thursday 15th May so to get myself in the mood, I thought I'd raid my red polish collection to help channel my inner Hollywood diva

O.P.I Get Your Glamour On, Chanel Pirate, Barry M Red Glitter, Rimmel London Summer Orange, O.P.I The Spy Who Loved Me

I've used Get Your Glamour On in multiple posts so it's a tried and tested favourite of mine.  It's a slightly coral red which is quite similar to Barry M's Passionfruit from their Gelly range.  I do love a coral, so having a polish which is a red with a twist of coral is great for simple, sophisticated nails in the Summer.

My most prized nail polish, Pirate is a berry red crelly which can be worn as a semi-sheer polish (which is quite cool) or can be built up to be opaque.  By simply wearing a Chanel polish on your nails, you immediately feel that little bit more confident (I think so anyway).  If you're ever going to invest in a high end polish like a Chanel, I think you can't go wrong with a classic red, it'll never go out of style.

My most festive pick from the bunch, Red Glitter is exactly what it says on the tin.  A saturated red glitter polish, it is HELLISH to remove but the visual impact of the glitter in unparalleled.  I usually apply it on top of a red creme base so that the red glitter can have real impact without being too thickly applied for opacity.

Okay, so this is a push as a 'red' nail polish but it's NEARLY there.  This is a stunning tomato orange/red shade from Rimmel which screams summer red nails.  A great pick for festivals or holidays, if you don't like going for neons or pastels in the warmer seasons, then this might just be the perfect polish for you.

And here's another O.P.I polish.  My red polish collection really does contain a lot of O.P.I bottles so I was definitely going to choose more than one for this selection.  This red varnish with a gold shimmer is from their James Bond collection and is a dream to wear.  Something a little different from your standard scarlet polishes, The Spy Who Loved Me just oozes luxury when light hits the gold shimmer.  If you're looking for something work friendly with a little pizzazz, then this might just be right up your street.

Everyone has a favourite red polish, what's yours?  Let me know in the comments below and also, what nails would you wear to a Burlesque night, I need some ideas for what I can do for the lovely ladies at the event :-), until next time!



  1. I love Chanel's rogue noir for a dark red and it does make you feel all posh and sexy having Chanel polish! Barry m's gelly in blood orange is my fave red ATM I think

  2. From all the beauties that you showed us, I have Barry M Red Glitter and it is a truly beautiful glitter polish!

  3. The Spy Who Loved Me has been on my wishlist forever, the gold shimmer gets me every time!


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