Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Between Two Tropical Ferns (Lacquer Legion - Garden Nails)

So summer is nearly upon us (the sun is making the occasional appearance here on the Emerald Isle) so I wanted to do some tropical looking nail art and MrCandiipants has been working this cool fern nail art for the last little while so I wanted to give it a go myself, using Models Own Coconut Cream as my base and some different green shades for the actual ferns.

Models Own Coconut Cream, Barry M Key Lime, Color Club Wild Cactus and American Apparel Hunter

This is a really cool and fun look to do for going on holiday or for enjoying the sun.  You can switch up the colours to whatever you'd like to do (I would like to see how coral would work in this combo).  You can check out MrCandiipant's tutorial here.

This is also my entry for the Lacquer Legion's May theme of Garden nails, so check out the hashtag #LLgarden on twitter and instagram.

What will your first summer manicures be?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on the sites below, until next time :D



  1. Such a beautiful design, I love the different shades of green you used. I also can imagine, like you said that this would be great for holiday nails! :) xx

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