Sunday, 27 April 2014

Models Own Nail Art Kit*

Always at the forefront of making nail art available to the masses, Models Own have now released their own nail art kit, which is available from their website and Boots NOW and their Bottleshops from 3rd May.  I was lucky enough to try out the kit so here are the results!

 Models Own Lilac Sheen (Hypergel), Pastel Pink, 25 Karat Gold, White Light (Hypergel) and Barry M Black
From Models Own:
'A must for nail art fanatics, this essential kit lets you create endless designs with ease and includes dotting tools, nail art tape and four professional brushes for intricate artwork!'

The kit consists of;
  • 2x Duo Dotting Tools – Use to create dots in various shapes and sizes
  • Short Detailing Brush – Use to paint controlled small details, designs and shapes
  • Fan Brush – Use to create feather effects, colour fade and ombre designs
  • Flat/Wide Brush – Use for wider line drawing, detailing and filling in
  • Striping Brush – Use to create intricate stripes and lines
  • Nail Art Tape – Use for high precision lines, shapes, colour blocking and details

As you can see, there are plenty of tools in the kit to get cracking with and I thought the best way to show you guys what can be done with the kit is to attempt to use all of the tools in one manicure, hence, the most random skittle-esque mani you'll ever see if your life!

Starting with the thumb, I used the smallest dotter tool to create a delicate polka dot pattern, something very simple that can be attempted by anyone.

For the index finger, I used striping tape FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!  Yes I know, I've been in the nail art game a touch too long to have never used tape but I was always afraid of it lol, I don't know how the likes of The Nailasaurus create such class, intricate designs when I struggled with my simple horizontal stripes.  Be sure that your base colour is completely dry before you apply your tape by the way.  I did find the Models Own tape easy to work with and it didn't come away from the edges so I got a clean line across the way. (Yes I know my top coat is awfully bubbly, I think I got a bad bottle of InstaDri :S)

The middle finger was completed using the large dotter tool for the gold spots and the short detailing brush for the outlines of the spots.  The small detailing brush is good at doing detailing such as this but for anything finer, you might want to trim it down but it's a good alternative to a nail art pen for work like leopard print.

I used the long striper brush and small dotter tool on my ring finger.  I think because of the thickness of White Light, even when thinned out by acetone, meant that I wasn't getting a smooth line of white so I made a thinner line of Cornflower Blue (by not putting as much pressure on the nail with the brush) and added polka dots to create a bit of a cool pattern.  Again, you might want to trim down the brush to your specifications but I like the width and length of the brush.

On the little finger, I made use of the fan brush to add a bit of distress to the nail (a la Chalkboard Nails), using the fan brush in such a way is a cool way to create an interesting background to standard nail art, like polka dots, leopard print or stripes.

You'll notice I've left one brush out of my list and that is the flat/wide brush and that is because I used it to clean up around the edges of my nails as it seemed perfect for the job.  The brush isn't as stiff as my other clean up brush and so didn't do the job as quickly as I'm used to but through use it might become better.

Cleaning the brushes was straight forward.  I use pure acetone but normal nail polish remover is fine as well.  After I cleaned them, there was no trace of the colour left on the bristles which is a great sign.

All in all, I was really impressed with the kit.  It contains the standard brushes you expect from a kit with a few extras, like the long striper brush, more than one dotter tool and striping tape.  For £8, I know you might be able to pick up a brush kit on eBay or Amazon for cheaper but the quality of the tools in this kit is has been proven and you often don't find brushes, dotters and striping tape in the same kit so pick this up if you're looking for the perfect starter kit to get you into nail art.

*this product was provided for review but all opinions are my own.


  1. Great review! I love the designs you've created with the kit! I haven't used striping tape that much either - I agree it's too fiddly! These brushes seem like they are good quality too - I think I'll definitely have to buy this kit! :)

  2. Fab review and fab nails! I use the Rio Nail art pens to create my designs but I've been very lazy with my nail art recently but I'd love to try this kit out to get back into it!

    Hannah xx


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