Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Models Own Bikini* vs Luis Lemon

This is battle of the neon yellows!  Since Models Own released pictures of the new Polish For Tans range, people were asking in comments if the new neon shades were different to the Ice Neon range that was released only last year.  Polish for Tans are described as being pastel neons by Models Own so you would presume there would be a difference in appearance and finish but some people are still a bit sceptical.  Since I received Bikini for review and already owned Luis Lemon, I thought I would do a little comparison myself to see if there really is a difference.

Models Own Luis Lemon and Bikini

When comparing the two bottles of polish, it's clear that the two shades of neon yellow are quite different but when painted on the nail, the difference becomes apparent.

The Luis Lemon swatch is two coats of the neon shades over a white base, using four coats of polish in total.  The Bikini swatch is three to four coats of the polish by itself.

I thought because I was using a white base for Luis Lemon that the colours would be more matched as Bikini is neon yellow pigment mixed with white but there is still a stark difference between the two.  As Models Own describe Bikini, it is a pastel yellow and when compared to a purely neon shade like Luis Lemon, you can see there is a definite difference between the Ice Neon polishes and the Polish for Tans.

Bikini is a neon yellow creme which does need a few coats to build colour, but this is normal for lighter, pastel shades.  Luis Lemon is quite sheer and jelly like, it can be used by itself or with a white base, whichever you prefer but I would recommend using a white base.

The two polishes have very different qualities and functions I think.  Luis Lemon is an acid yellow which is so in your face it's at home at a rave whereas Bikini is Luis Lemon's more wearable sister, something you could take from the beach to the clubs, if you're daring enough that is.

So there you are!  Bikini and Luis Lemon are both £5 each and can be found on Models Own's website (the whole Polish for Tans range is released today, 9/4/14!) and Bikini, and the rest of the Polish for Tans range, will be released in Superdrug today (9/4/14) and in Boots 16/4/14.

Remember, Models Own currently have their 6 for £20 offer on the go so take advantage ;-P

So which do you prefer?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me by the site below, until next time :-)

*this product was provided for review but all opinions are my own


  1. Great comparison! I was wondering if Bikini was similar to Luis Lemon! I think I prefer Bikini - it's much more wearable! :)

  2. Luis Lemon is so intense!;) Love it:)

  3. Already ordered Bikini, got it waiting for me, can't wait to try it!
    Lemon's so bright!


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