Monday, 3 March 2014

Models Own Speckled Eggs Collection*

Today I bring you some swatches from the brand new Models Own Speckled Eggs collection.  Perfect for Spring and Easter, these pastel shades replicate the mottled look of our favourite easter treats, Mini Eggs!  When I opened the package with the nail polishes, I was so excited to see a tube of Mini Eggs as well so I have to say thank you to Models Own and Wizard Publicity for that.  Now, onto the swatches!

 Dove (Cheeky Pink), Magpie (Mint Green) and Goose (Mellow Yellow)
From Models Own:
'Our latest pretty pastel collection! Fresh for spring/summer 2014, these five very wearable, cute pastel hues are inspired by ornate bird egg shells, giving a gorgeous speckle finish. 

Perfect for adding another dimension to your spring manicure, wear alone or mix and match the five complimentary shades.

Longwearing with a semi-matte, mottled finish - apply Models Own 5-in-1 Top and Base coat for an ultra glossy, super shiny finish'

There are five shades in the collection, I am missing Duck, a cornflower blue, and Swan, a dreamy lilac but I'm really pleased with the shades I received.

Dove is a lovely baby pink shade, a match for Pink Veneer from Models Own's Hypergel collection.  The polish was easy to apply, a little on the thicker side but this is normal for most Models Own shades.  The swatches above are of two coats of the polish with no top coat.  I wanted to show the semi-matte finish the polish is supposed to have.  In person, two coats would be enough but you can see in the photos that the polish shows up a little bit sheer so another layer might be needed.  It dried to the touch in about 10-15 minutes but I'm usually too impatient to find this sort of thing out since I always pop on some top coat.

You don't need to worry about glitter placement as it applies evenly with each coat and with each coat, more glitter is covered with polish so the nail doesn't look too loaded with the black and silver glitter.

Magpie is a GORGEOUS mint green colour which I think will be the biggest hit with everyone.  The above swatches are three coats of polish and a layer of top coat.  These polishes look great with extra gloss as well as their own semi-matte finish.  They'd be stunning fully matte as well.  Much like Dove, the polish is a little on the thick side but it applies nicely.  This shade is probably a little bit more pigmented than Dove and Goose but I still used three coats to be on the safe side.  Glitter placement wasn't an issue with this shade either and it is evenly distributed throughout the shade.

Goose is a pastel yellow shade that's not quite sherbet lemon or banana, it sits somewhere in between.  The above swatches are three coats of polish with one layer of top coat.  The formula for Goose is the same as Dove and Magpie as I had no problems with glitter placement and application.

I know some of you might be worried about removal because the polishes have so much glitter in them but removal is grand.  You don't even need to apply your nail polish remover for any longer than usual.  You may get a few glitter stragglers hanging about after you take the polish off but once you scrub them with a nail brush and soap they should all be away.

Overall, I think Magpie is my favourite but as you can probably tell from the colour scheme of my blog, I'm a bit biased towards mint green!  Although similar polishes have been released by the likes of Illamasqua, Models Own Speckled Eggs collection is excellent quality at a high street/drug store price.

All of the polishes are priced at £5 and are launching exclusively at Models Own bottleshops worldwide on 8th March, the Models Own website and Superdrug on 12th March and Boots stores nationwide from 19th March.

Which shade is your favourite?  I can't wait to try Duck when the polishes are released later in the year.  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me by the sites below, until next time :-)

*PR sample.  These products were sent to me for review but all opinions are my own.



  1. Oh pretty I like the mint green the best x

    Catherines Loves

  2. These are lovely! I like Magpie and Goose especially! I'll be looking out for these when they appear in the shops :)

  3. Great swatches! I think Magpie is my favourite! I'm glad you mentioned removal, I was worried about it because I hate removing glitter nail polish so I'm so glad they're pretty easy to remove! :)

  4. Wearing these right now, so gorgeous!

    One hand mattified, the other shiny, Muah :D


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