Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Inverse Knit

Coral and blue is a colour match made in heaven in my opinion.  Ever since I've had this jumper from White Stuff, I've wanted to do some nail art based on both the colour scheme and the inverse knit pattern.  This was also the perfect opportunity to try out Models Own Coral Glaze from the Hypergel collection.  It's definitely the most pink coral I have in my collection but it's stunning.

 Models Own Coral Glaze (Hypergel), Barry M Peach Melba and Urban Outfitters Flat Navy

To create the knit effect, I painted my base colour (Coral Glaze), then with a striper brush, brushed on a lighter colour (a mixture of Coral Glaze and Peach Melba) at random spots on the nail.  Using the same brush, I brushed on the navy shade, trying to loosely alternate the pattern to make it somewhat regular.

And here's me wearing the jumper LOL.  I think you can see where the inspiration has come from but it's not a direct interpretation either.  If you like the look of the jumper, you're in luck because it's currently on sale so hop to it!

What's your favourite colour combination?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on the sites below to be kept up to date with all the Flails and Nails goings on!  Until next time :-)

PS - I just passed 2000 followers on tumblr!  I think it might be time I do some sort of giveaway...



  1. I love the coral colour! I recently realized how gorgeous coral is, but I haven't managed to buy any coral polishes yet - it is definitely on my to do list. Plus the combination with the blue is gorgeous :)

  2. This design looks great! I love the base colour! :)


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