Friday, 21 February 2014

Soap and Glory Be Your Own Gloss Gift Set

It has to be said that one of the most iconic products from Soap and Glory has to be their Sexy Motherpucker lip plumping glosses.  I remember trying this out years ago to see if it really did work.  Revisiting this product a few years later makes me a bit nostalgic but it's great that I get to try out so many different colours of gloss with this gift set, once again given to me from my friend Margaret.  Follow me under the cut for some swatches and my review of these iconic glosses.

L-R: Punchbowl, Half-Naked, Clear, Candy Gloss and Yummy Plum

Punchbowl - A sweet pink gloss, the colour pay off of this gloss is quite good and it smells of coconut.
Half-Naked - The most pigmented gloss, it's a great nude colour and smells of coco pops, irresistible!
Clear - Your standard clear gloss that helps make your lips more pouty and of course fuller!
Candy Gloss - You can't really see it here but there is a peachy tint to the gloss with shimmer throughout.  A subtle gloss if you want just a little bit of glamour as opposed to a straight up clear gloss.  Smells slightly sweet.
Yummy Plum - Probably my favourite of the bunch, this gloss has a tint of coral/plum flesh to it and smells like plum jam.

I think its great that you can sample all of these different colours in this set before you perhaps go and buy a larger lip gloss in your favourite shade.  The texture of these glosses is quite sticky and of course, because they are lip swelling lip glosses, they tingle and this may be uncomfortable for some.  I don't mind the sensation and I do notice a little bit of difference in the appearance of my lips.  I also love the fact that these glosses all have their own distinct smells that you can easily associate with the colours or names of the glosses.  I'm one of those people who do like their lip products to be scented but again, I know that's not for everyone.

Have you ever tried out Sexy Motherpucker lip glosses before?  What's your favourite?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on all the sites below, until next time :-)


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