Monday, 3 February 2014

Models Own Hypergel - Pink Veneer and Naked Glow*

Here are more swatches of Models Own's new gel effect polish that is due for release on the 12th February, though you can buy the polishes now through their website's 50% sale, just check out their facebook for details.

I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and swatch these two polishes at the same time since they go very well together.

Pink Veneer is a pale, bubblegum pink that is perfect for a simple Valentine's Day manicure.  Naked Glow is Models Own's answer to Barry M's Lychee from their Gelly range (Fundamentally Flawless swatched the two together here) and is a great nude shade for all skin tones.  Much like Cornflower Gleam, I found the formula easy to work with though I did have to build up more coats for Pink Veneer as it was a touch patchy but the finish was still incredibly glossy and gives the effect of a gel manicure.  

The swatches above and below are three thin coats for Pink Veneer and two thin coats for Naked Glow and topped off with a top coat.  Another thing to note was that about two hours after I applied the polish, I was watching Netflix and didn't notice that my thumb was digging into my pyjama leg so I had clothes marks on my thumb and part of my index finger.  I thought my swatch was ruined before I had a chance to take photos but come morning, the marks had disappeared and the nail had smoothed out.  I'm usually very careful about these sorts of things so I don't know whether this is a special case or whether polish usually evens itself out but it's another point of interest.

I'm really liking the Hypergel polishes as their shine (with added top coat) really catches your eye.  During the week, I had SO MANY comments on how lovely Cornflower Gleam was and told many people about it when I was just out and about.  I won a competition over on Models Own's facebook for 5 Hypergel polishes so I am just waiting for them to arrive to see which shades I have to buy on their website to complete the collection!

Have you made any purchases in the Models Own sale?  Let me know in the comments below and make sure to follow me to keep up to date on all things Flails and Nails.  Until next time :-)

*this product was sent to me for review but all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way


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