Monday, 13 January 2014

Pantone 'Radiant Orchid' Week - Berry Ice Cream

In what I think is my last Radiant Orchid inspired mani (I still have SO many shades to work through but let's quit while we're ahead LOL), I've used one of the first polishes I ever bought when I started to get into nail art.

Barry M Berry Ice Cream, Vivid Purple, Duchess and Crystal Glaze

I decided to stick with one brand for this manicure as I wanted to show the variety of polishes you can use to achieve a 'Radiant Orchid' look and I really wanted to try out my Crystal Glaze top coat, as well as one of the Royal Glitter shades from Barry M.

This manicure is based somewhat on a mani The Illustrated Nail created recently for Barry M.  I loved the idea of doing a base colour with Crystal Glaze covered in this rising sun/art deco pattern.  I changed the colour palette, the angles of the pattern top and the accent nail.  I really love the visual impact of these nails and the way the light catches on the top coat just adds an extra dimension of awesomeness to it all.

Have you found your ultimate Radiant Orchid shade yet? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on tumblr, instagram bloglovin' twitter, and  facebook , until next time!


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