Monday, 27 January 2014

Nail Essentials

One thing that I'm always asked about is how I keep my nails in tip top shape.  Some days are better than others but these are the main products I use to make sure that my nail art stays as long as possible, as well as keeping my actual nails and cuticles in the best condition possible.

O.P.I Avoplex Cuticle Oil-To-Go, Nail File, Inglot Cuticle Oil, O.P.I Original Nail Envy, Sally Hansen Instadry, Superdrug 8-way File and Buffing Block

Avoplex Cuticle Oil-To-Go - This is so great for when you need your cuticles quenched on the move.  It can get a little messy if you push too much on the tube but the soft brush applicator helps keep it all in line.  It works so fast to get your cuticles rehydrated and when used in conjunction with Avoplex hand quenchers (which are the BEES KNEES and I only wish I hadn't run out), your hands and nails will be looking marvellous.

Nail File - Your nail kit wouldn't be complete without a nail file.  You can get nail files or blocks with different grit gauges, depending on the job you want doing, be it a light file or drastic reshaping of the nail shape.  I like my Barry M file because it has quite a good grit so gets the job done fast but you have to make sure you don't file too much otherwise you'll be left with no nail at all!  I also use Leighton Denny glass files in different grits.

Inglot Cuticle Oil - This cuticle oil is probably no different to any other.  It does the same job as the Avoplex does but has a great citrus scent.

Original Nail Envy - I've tried a lot of base coats in my time but this is definitely my all time favourite.  It strengthens the nail as well as protects it from staining.  It's a bit pricey but I had my last bottle last about a year and that's with several uses per week between myself and my Mummy so it's definitely worth the money in my eyes.  I always recommend this to anyone who has trouble growing out their nails or with peeling.  People underestimate the importance of base coat and wonder why their manicures never seem to last that long.  You need a strong foundation to build a house so take this approach to your nails.

Instadry - I used to use Seche Vite and yes, it dries EXTREMELY fast and gives an amazing glossy finish BUT for the price you pay, you only get about a half or two thirds of the bottle finished before it becomes too viscous you can't get it out of the bottle.  Also, it shrinks after a few days so if you wanted your nail art to hang around longer than that then it might look a bit worse for wear.  Slightly fed up by spending so much money on Seche Vite and not getting to use all the product, I turned to Instadry and haven't turned back.  The finish isn't as glossy as Seche Vite but I don't think anything really is but you do still get a great gloss finish and fast drying time.  It also isn't as thick as Seche Vite and so I use it between nail polish steps to speed up the process.  It's long brush also means you can get much more out the bottle than Seche Vite and while it can go thick near the bottom of the bottle, it is not as bad as Seche Vite by any means.

Buffing Block - I got this for my birthday and I love it.  It is numbered so that you have different sides for different jobs, be it filing, shaping, buffing or shining.  A great all in one tool.

What are your nail essentials?  Let me know in the comments below and follow me on any of the following sites, until next time :-)


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  1. galorious.blogspot.com28 January 2014 at 09:42

    Ive just done the transition from seche to inta-dri, although i havent had the chance to use it yet! thanks for the review, thats made me feel more positive towards using it!


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