Monday, 30 December 2013


Hi there!  I hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you wished for.  Sorry for the lack of posts this past week but the Yuletide season, combined with being sick and working the past weekend meant that the blog was a little neglected but hopefully that will all change come the New Year!

To all those party animals who will be out all hours on the 31st/1st, I hope these nails will provide a little inspiration for a manicure that will complete your party look.

Nina Pro Smoke 'n' Mirrors, O.P.I Her Royal Shine-ness, Barry M Black Glitter and Silver Glitter (Limited Edition)

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High glamour is always on the agenda for any New Year's Eve ensemble (unless like me you are more likely to be in your jim jams eating prawn toast but whatevs) so metallics and shimmers are a must.  It took all of my power NOT to use Goldeneye so I thought I'd go for a similar polish but in silver.  

I used Smoke 'n' Mirrors as a base for Her Royal Shine-ness so that the silver is as saturated as possible, applied the polka dots (I tried to do a graduated effect on my middle and little finger but it didn't really work out) and then a coat of silver glitter to give a faux-textured effect.  These nails really catch the light and look as though you have fashioned some press-on nails with aluminium foil.  The top coat of glitter gives a nod to the top nail trend of 2013, texture, without being actually textured.

This is a no-fuss, high impact look that will go with any number of colour combos and outfit choices.

What are you doing to bring in the New Year?  Let me know here, or by any of my other sites.  Until next time :-)


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  1. These look gorgeous! The layer of glitter over the dots is a perfect touch!


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