Sunday, 15 December 2013


It's finally time to change all of my biographies since I'm officially a graduate for the second time!  Not much to show you guys but I thought you might be interested in my nails for the day.

Color Club Evolution, Barry M Crush (Matte) and Barry M Blue (Retro)

So as I might have mentioned before on the blog (or never shut up about), I've been doing a Masters degree for the past year (September 2012-September 2013) and I graduated this week.  I've never been to a Winter graduation before so it was a bit strange for it to be so cold but unbelievably, it was brighter than my previous graduation and at least it didn't rain (we got some good photos).

You can see in my last graduation photo that I have strawberries on my nails because it was a theme for my accessories (hair clip and wedges) but since I was graduating from my post-grad degree, I thought I'd be a little bit more grown up (as grown up as nail art can be LOL) and went for this simple chevron design.  It references the hood I wore which represents my degree (M.A).  The colours all match up but the proportion of the colours have been changed as I wanted the light blue to be my base rather than the burgundy.  I used the nail polish brush for the burgundy tips and a striper brush for the metallic blue accents.  I added the black gems to draw in a bit of black from my gown.

Apologies for the poor photos of late guys, the light has been so dim when I have a chance to take photos (or remember to) so I seem to end up with some lacklustre photos as I can't slow down the shutter speed too much because I don't have a tripod and so my pictures get blurry so I'm sorry but hopefully, in the words of D.Ream, things can only get better.



  1. I like the idea of coordinating the nails with the hood! Congratulations, sweet girl!

  2. The blue over the black is super pretty!


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