Friday, 20 December 2013

Going Out Glitz

If you're looking for a nail art look that is both festive and glitzy, then this is for you.  It's perfect for any last minute Christmas parties or even New Year's Eve.  Follow me behind the cut to see the method behind the madness.

O.P.I The Spy Who Loved Me, Goldeneye and Jacava Toffee Apple
This look was created when I was going to my work's Christmas Dinner.  I wanted something that can be seen as being quite festive (red and gold) whilst being a bit more glitzy and flashy because if you can't be flashy at Christmas, when can you be?

I was going to settle on the simple red and gold gradient but added the dark red spots to do a sort of subtle animal print pattern.  Both of the O.P.I shades worked well together as The Spy Who Loved Me is a warm red with gold shimmer running throughout so adding Goldeneye on top is a match made in heaven (as it should be since their both from the same collection).

I was wearing a cream coloured dress so my nails were a flash of colour and red is a classic night time nail look (although it's a little different from a plain red creme nail) but you could easily elevate your night-time look with a glitter gradient.  I just use a make-up sponge and lightly sponge on the glitter shade about half way to two thirds down the nail then apply more polish to the sponge and keep moving the level of the sponge up until the top of the nail is saturated.

Like I said, this is a great look for the Holiday parties and could also be used for New Year's Eve or any other occasion.  What nail look will you be rocking at the Holiday parties?

Remember, you can still get 15% off Jacava polishes over on their website by using the code '201315F', if you like the look of Toffee Apple and I promise you I will swatch them soon for you guys :-)  Until next time!


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