Monday, 2 December 2013

Ding Dong Merrily On High

And so we begin the festive themed posts!  I will hopefully be splitting my festive nail art between traditional, if not cheesy, themed nail art and more glamourous, holiday party looks.  I will also be posting my top picks for Winter polishes, as well as a Bargain Hunter's Guide to Nail Polish Shopping and hopefully this will become a regular feature, almost like a newsletter compiling all the best deals to be had in the world of nail polish (and beauty in general)

So let's get on with the show!

Inglot 619, Barry M and Models Own Nail Art Pens
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My first festive design is more of a subtle nod to the Yuletide season.  Based loosely on a fairisle sock I have, this design was really easy to do, using Barry M and Models Own Nail Art Pens to complete the design.

My base colour is Inglot 619 (anyone else hate how Inglot shades are just numbers and not names?  So boring!).  It's a part of their O2M Breathable Polish range.  It is a gorgeous cherry red with the slightest gold shimmer, which adds a little bit of festive sparkle to the base of the design.  Because it is one of Inglot's Breathable polishes, the formula is quite thin but highly pigmented.  This is great because it allows (or is supposed to) allow your nail to breath whilst still wearing polish. 

One downside of this is that when I was cleaning up my edges, a lot more polish than usual came off with very little effort so the sides of my nails look a little bit bare (but some of the skin is still stained) but this means that hopefully taking the polish off altogether will be an easier task (with little to no staining hopefully!)

I think this design is just about festive enough to be Christmassy without being to in your face. 
How will you be kicking off your Christmas nail art?
Let me know in the comments below and check me out on all my other websites, until next time :-) 
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  1. Hi there, saw your blog on the WPNFF critique group.
    - Your blog is beautiful! Love the simplicity of your design, header, sidebars, all that. It is clean & fresh.
    - The pale color scheme and overall smaller text might be hard for some people to read, and thus off-putting to them. I do love tiny fonts personally, but not everyone has good enough eyes to handle them. The combination of both small and light colored text is generally viewed as a bad move in webdesign. (Which stinks. If only everyone had perfect eyes and all screens displayed colors correctly...) You might want to consider bumping your font sizes up by just a point or two?

    Oop! One more thing: turn the captcha off for commenting. I know this drives me nuts and is a huge deterrent to me commenting on blogs! Consider using Disqus if you want something more secure without the annoying "type this nonsense word in" business. It also is way easier to follow conversations and replies using that system, and you can import all your old Blogger comments with it, so you don't lose anything!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I've increased the font size by one point and changed a few colours. I know how colours can be calibrated differently on different screens (my monitor in work shows my blog as being a lot more yellow-green rather than blue-green.

  2. Hello! I came here wrom the WPNFF feedback group.
    I really like the design of your blog (the colour scheme, social media buttons, background...) You also take lovely pictures and your nail art is great!
    The only negative thing I've noticed is the font - it looks oddly "pixelated" in my browser and is a bit hard to read (are you using a special typeface?). The font size is fine in the post but a bit small in the comments section - not too uncomfortable for me, but might be for people using smaller screens.

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback. I've never heard anyone saying that the font is pixellated, it's one of the fonts blogger provides, but I've changed it back to the font I had on my blog originally and this seems to remedy the smallness of of the text in the comments as well :-)

    2. re: pixellation: it might have been just my browser (I'm using Opera and sometimes it's seeing weird things), but right now everything looks great!


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