Thursday, 28 November 2013

Au Revior to Autumn, Farewell to Fall

We are on the cusp of the changing season, or rather, it's cold and about to get even colder!  So, in the spirit of the changing season, I thought I would do some nail art that can only be described as 'autumntastic' in it's colour scheme (don't worry, I'm not going to try and make 'autumntastic' happen LOL).  This will also be the debut of some American Apparel nail polish on my blog so follow me under the cut for a brief review and possibly more pics of these nails :-)

American Apparel Lopez Canyon and O.P.I Skyfall
So you would have read in my previous post that I went to Dublin recently and purchased my first American Apparel polishes.  I had been looking for Hunter in particular but of course, I couldn't stop at one polish and this is one of the other polishes I bought.

As you can see, Lopez Canyon is a orange/brown.  In this light it looks quite red but it is really more orange in real life.  This is the thing with autumn/winter, the lighting is so temperamental that some pictures turn out great and others look crap and I don't have the facilities to create a lightbox so I have to depend on daylight :(

ANYWAY, back to the polish, Lopez Canyon was great to apply.  This is with two coats and it had great coverage.  The long brush means that you have better control of the brush and so I had very little clean up to do, which is always great.  This also means that you should be able to get every last drip out of the bottle which always means good value for money.  I created the herringbone pattern with a striper brush and Skyfall, a great burgundy.  I painted three thin lines on each nail and painted chevrons and filled in the alternate sections.  It's a bit time consuming and the thick consistency of the polish meant that you don't get a good coverage at first but I like the more 'painterly' effect when the sections are filled in anyway.

What colours say autumn/fall to you?  Also, Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers and Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish followers also :)  Until next time!


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  1. It's interesting that the color looks more orange in person! Very pretty :) I'd say orange makes me think of fall!


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