Monday, 21 October 2013

Halloween 2013 - Eyeballs!

Here's my second Halloween themed post.  For these nails, I whipped out my Wah!Nails Book of Nail Art and tried out this manicure that makes a very strong impression and is actually pretty simple.  Follow me under the cut for more deets and photos.

 Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Color Club Endless Summer, Barry M Black and Inglot Nail Art Pen in Red
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Like I said before, I used the Wah!Nails Book of Nail Art to guide me through this manicure and what I mainly used it for was a visual guide so I knew which steps to do in what order.  One handy tip which comes from the book's tutorial is that you should do your veins from the outside in so you get the effect of them narrowing and tapering, and this will give a much more realistic look.  You can probably tell that I didn't do that step all of the time LOL

Another tip I kind of ignored (or just didn't do because the nail art pen in question was a bit watery) is that you should make the iris of the eyeball by making an outline with a blue nail art pen then filling in.  I just used a dotting tool, as you can probably tell by the imperfect circles but I think having the circles being a bit uneven makes the eyes look a little bit more mad (or that's just my excuse)

This manicure definitely has the power to catch people's eyes.  I work in retail so I sometimes get comments from customers at the till about my nails but never have I had so much attention from one manicure.  I was a little nervous about doing this manicure due to my work because I was afraid people might be revolted by them (maybe they were and they were just covering their shock) but hopefully the reactions were genuinely positive.

A bit about the polishes.  Snow Me White really has become my go-to white polish.  I haven't found another polish that has the same coverage.  It is such a great base for manicures and every time I finish my base coats of this polish, I stare at my hands because I do love something about white nails.  I chose Endless Summer as it's a great mid-blue that will pop against the white of the eye.  My red nail art pen is my only one from Inglot and I do wish I had more.  The nib and brush are extra long and the polish is quite thick so the nib of the pen doesn't even have to touch the nail directly while you doing a design as you can just allow it to come out and follow the direction of the pen and fall in place.

Will you be going for such a shocking manicure this Halloween?  What's your favourite shade of white nail polish?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me through GFC or any of the following sites and remember, sharing is caring!  I passed 200 followers on Instagram and am close to another milestone on tumblr.  Cheers for all of the support and until next time :-)



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