Friday, 18 October 2013

Halloween 2013 - Blood Stained Nails

It's that time of year when the queues outside every single costume shop in the land are around the corner and everyone's asking 'What are you dressing up as?'.  I used to be a much more enthusiastic person when it came to Halloween but these past few years, I haven't really put in the effort to put together a killer costume, only raiding my wardrobe to put together a vaguely believable costume for 1950's housewife or Jitterbug dancer (I like vintage style clothes, can you tell?).  So I thought, let's make an effort with my nails AT LEAST.  My nails last year were some AMAZING sugar skull nails which I shall recreate for you guys but here is my first look, blood stained nails!  Jump under the cut for more pictures and how I can quite clearly not do gradients.

Barry M Lychee, Crush and Flossgloss Partybruise

I don't really do gradients all that often on my nails and when I do, I usually put a glitter top coat or something on top so that you can't tell how bad it is but there was no hiding this!

I wanted to kick off my Halloween nails by doing something that could be considered quite gruesome but not obviously Halloween-y and so I thought, blood stained nails!  Why not!

I chose Crush and Partybruise for my gradient as Crush is a great burgundy shade that looks like the colour of dried blood and Partybruise is just that right shade of purple black that would round out the look pretty well.

I've never tried a gradient with more than one colour so perhaps that's where I went wrong and I just need to practice more to get the look down.  I think my two middle fingers look well, the rest, not so much LOL

How do you get into the Halloween spirit?  Will you be sporting any scary nails?  My next post will be a little more obviously Halloween and I'm slightly terrified when I look down at my fingers LOL  Tell me what you think in the comments below and follow me either on GFC or any of the following sites, until next time :-)



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