Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Autumn Colour Picks (and some floral nail art *quel suprise*)

 Hello ladies and gents, this is a special post about my autumn nail polish picks and some nail art featuring two of my favourite shades from the selection so lets get to it!

O.P.I - Casino Royale - This gorgeous plum creme was a part of O.P.I's James Bond collection.  I eyed this shade up as soon as the collection was announced and I got it for Christmas.  It was a staple of mine during the winter and it will be again, you can do no wrong with such a great plum colour.

Essie - Buy Me a Cameo - Autumn/Winter is the season for metallics and I think this light copper/bronze shade is a great alternative to the traditional silver or gold.  

Models Own - Golden Green - This iridescent shade is a part of the Beetlejuice collection from Models Own.  I originally bought it thinking it might be a great (and cheaper) alternative to Chanel Peridot (this was before the O.P.I dupe came out).  I soon realised it was too green to be a dupe but I still love the shade.  A great metallic and opaque, the colour looks so different in various lighting conditions.

O.P.I - Don't Talk Bach to Me - This chartreuse shade was a part of O.P.I's Germany collection from 2012 and much like Casino Royale, it was a shade that immediately caught my eye but I didn't get my hands on it until a few months ago.  It has a slight silver shimmer to it which I didn't notice until I got the bottle in the post but it does lift the polish slightly.

Avon Speed Dry - Fast Time Teal - This teal from Avon is a great transition shade from Summer to Autumn if you are a fan of turquoise like I am.  Slightly darker in tone, it's appropriate for the darker months without being too dour.

Models Own Pro - Blackcurrant - I love this shade.  It's a dark, almost purple/black that creates a great base for nail art without having to reach for black.  You can still buy Models Own Pro from the Boots website.

Barry M - Dusty Mauve - This purple-grey has a purple iridescence that I think is perfect for the coming months and adds a little pizzazz to a darker nude nail.

Nails Inc - New Compton Street - I can't go too long without reaching for a pastel!  This pink is more of a dusty pink rather than a baby pink so I think it's a bit more appropriate for the autumn.

And here's some nail art featuring Fast Time Teal and New Compton Street

 And of course it's floral.  Pardon my rather dry hands, I've been trying new hand creams :-)

Remember, you can let me know what you think via any of the following social networks, see you next time :-)


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