Friday, 27 September 2013

Flossgloss 'Faded' Gold Heart Tips

Flossgloss Faded, Barry M Gold Foil and O.P.I Goldeneye
So I've finally gotten my hands on some Flossgloss polishes after they had a 20% off flash sale.  I got three polishes and this is the first one I've gotten to try.

Faded is one of their latest polishes from their Princess of the Night collection.  It's supposed to replicate the colour of faded tattoo ink and I really think it does the job.  It's a great charcoal grey with a slightly green tone which of course reminds you of untouched tattoos.  The formula's very creamy and I used two coats though you could get away with one if you were pushed for time.  I think it's a great alternative to black if you feel like you only wear dark shades.  The whole Flossgloss philosophy of creating colours you cannot get anywhere else guarantees that these polishes are never dupes of anything and hold a little bit of individuality.  The green tone of the grey just makes this polish so much more unique.  

On removal, it did stain a bit so I would recommend doubling up on your base coat.  I used Essie's All In One base if that's a good reference point.  Since I had the gold glitter tips, I removed the polish by placing cotton wool saturated in nail polish remover on my nail for about 5-10 minutes and all the polishes were being quite stubborn so I had to go in with acetone  but it was the only thing that would get the polish off and there was still some staining.  I used the toothpaste method and it got rid of most of the staining.

Faded and the rest of the Flossgloss range are available from their website and is priced at $8 each.  They ship internationally which is great for us nail polish fans who often miss out due to shipping restrictions (I'm looking at you American Apparel).

Have you tried Flossgloss yet?  What shades do you love?  I've got Neon Nacho and Partybruise to show you guys soon.  Let me know what you think in the comments below and through various social media sites, until next time!


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