Saturday, 3 August 2013

Jacava 'Chillax' - Review and #INAD Nail Art

 Jacava Chillax
Jacava Chillax, Barry M Gold Foil and L'Oreal Paris Acid Watermelon
So today (or rather tonight in my part of the world) I have the pleasure of showing you some swatches of Jacava Chillax*.  Jacava are a London based company who produce 8-free nail polishes with an extra stamp of luxury (the writing on the bottle is 22 carat gold!).  Their polishes are also vegan friendly which is always a bonus.  I got to choose which polish I'd like to review and my eye was immediately drawn to Chillax. 
A metallic turquoise, in the bottle it looks almost like a duochrome sea green to turquoise and it's exactly like that on the nail.  In the photos, it definitely looks more blue than green but believe me when I say, it is a true turquoise, the perfect balance of both.

What I liked about the bottle design is that the very long handle and brush will be good for when the bottle is on its last legs so I can get the last few drops but my only gripe with this is that with the long bottle design, its a bit hard to store standing upright but this is just a little thing.  All of the swatches of the polish is with two coats and a top coat of Sally Hansen Instadry.  In terms of application, two coats is all it needs.  The brush can pick up a little bit too much polish at times so make sure you dab off the excess before painting your nails.  It's always better to get a thin coat on first, no matter if it's streaky so you can start building the colour without waiting too long in between coats.  Because it is a metallic polish, you can see the brush strokes in the varnish but this is part and parcel of a metallic shade. 
Out of 10, I'd give Chillax a 9/10.  Like I said, the formula is great, application was easy and the colour is so eye-catching.  In fact, I had it on my nails today in work and when I went about town afterwards and I got so many compliments on it.  If you're looking for the perfect polish for your holidays or something just to jazz up your collection then this is it.  I've given it a mark off just because it's a little bit difficult to store with its tall handle (I have all my polishes in a tool box and I try to keep them upright) but it does have its use.

Chillax can be found here on the Jacava website, along with their other 18 polishes.  Their polishes are priced at £14.50.  Jacava currently only ship to the U.K on their website but you can also buy their polishes on feelunique and Amazon if you are buying internationally (adjust the location to your country to ensure you can get this product due to new shipping restrictions on nail polish)

But of course, I could not leave my nails plain for too long and since today it International Nail Art Day, I had to do some florals to celebrate.
The design is kind of based on our living room curtains but the combination of the metallic turquoise, gold and pink almost makes it look like a Chinese silk pattern (or so my wishful thinking would like you to think).  I never really choose metallic bases for nail art but this worked out perfectly.  I'm intrigued about how it would look with a matte finish.  Apologies for the discontinuity in the photos this post, I usually take all of my photos by my window in the morning but I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to post because I only finished the nail art maybe an hour or two ago.  

Sorry for my ramblings, I hope you find the review interesting and useful and see you in a few days :-)  There might be a tutorial or two in the future :p  Let me know what you think in the comments below or by any of the other means below

*this product was sent to me for review.  This has not affected my view or opinion on the item, all opinions are my own.



  1. Ah, these are so lovely. Plus, that color looks terrific on you. Happy International Nail Art Day! <3

    1. Happy Internation Nail Art Day to you to! (for yesterday LOL) but thank you, I just wish my camera could capture the duochrome of the polish, so pretty!

  2. These are gorgeous! I love floral designs, they're just so pretty! Happy International Nail Art Day, even though it was ages ago now!

    Ella xox

    1. It it's okay, just being truthful, hehe :) They're just so pretty, and this colour is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to try this out!

      Ella xox


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