Saturday, 17 August 2013

Boom Boom POW!

Color Club In Theory and Color Club Evolution
Howdy!  Long time, no see.  Like I've been saying in my past few posts, I was doing some work in the past week or two that meant that I couldn't wear nail polish and so I was planning on posting some tutorials, favourite polish posts and other such whatnot but when I got home from work, I was KNACKERED and just couldn't concentrate (or stay up past 9pm) so I apologise for my rather extended absence, I'm only now really getting back into my sleeping pattern but anywho, let's get back to the nails!
Since I haven't painted my nails and not done any nail art in the past two weeks, I wanted to come back with something that has an impact but is relatively straight forward to do.  I was really inspired by Boom Nails' line work and tried to do something quite similar.  I don't have that many brushes so I couldn't get the lines as narrow as I would have liked them but the Models Own nail art pen and striper still did a great job (I know they don't look anywhere NEAR as good as Boom Nail's stuff but I tried LOL).

As you can see, this design is quite graphic and similar to my Basketweave manicure a few posts ago but it's quite summery in the choice of colours used.  I got these two Color Club shades in TK Maxx together for four or five pounds and had to do some googling to get their names since they didn't have stickers saying what they were called so I think I have gotten the right names.  These shades are great.  I am guilty of owning quite a few corals but In Theory is different to the ones I already own.  This leans more towards a red coral rather than pink or orange and could even be called watermelon.  Where was this shade when I was in desperate need of a great watermelon last year.  It took three coats to get full coverage and evened out once I applied top coat.

I have already used Evolution as one of my blue shades in my 90s raver nails and it only takes two coats for full coverage.  The shade looks a lot more like a baby blue in the bottle but once applied, it could almost be a light turquoise.  Pairing these two shades together adds some pop to your manicure and makes it look like you've put a little more thought and effort in than you really have.  Can I just say, my right hand does not look as swell as my left, this ambidextrous business comes and goes without practice LOL
So we're coming to the end of Summer, how long is it appropriate to keep wearing summer shades like corals and neons on your nails or do you not adhere to seasonal colours?  Let me know in the comment box below or by twitter, instagram, tumblr or facebook.



  1. They look so good! You're so talented! And I think that corals, especially, would also look really good in winter with skinny jeans and a cream, wooly jumper.

    Ella xox

    1. Thank you! I love this shade of coral because it's more pink than orange so I think it'll be easier to wear all year round :-)

    2. No problem, and I definitely agree with you, it's such a beautiful colour! I'll definitely be trying that out! These nails look so complicated!

      Ella xox


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