Sunday, 30 June 2013

This sh*t is bananas!

Avon Top Turquoise and Models Own Lemon Meringue
I've been wanting to do this design for ages.  I have a pair of pyjama shorts from Primark with this sort of design and I just think it's something a bit fun.  What I like about this design is that even if I go bit wrong with the outlining it still works since I think it looks a bit...abstract?  It's not quite the same style as WahNails or ThisIsVenice but I kind of like it.  I'll probably do a redux of this look some time though.

New posts this week will probably be some more Inspired by posts and I might be starting another separate series as well (welp).  As always, please let me know what you think via the comments below, tumblr, twitter, instagram or my brand new FACEBOOK PAGE :-D


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