Sunday, 23 June 2013

Pastel Stripy Floral Nails

 Models Own Lemon Meringue, Barry M Blue Moon, Inglot 702, Inglot 358, Sinful Colors Snow Me White
You really can't keep me away from floral nails, I'm sorry!  This was originally going to be a manicure based on the fashion choices of Ms Jessica Hamby from True Blood but my striper wasn't thin enough to do pinstripes and some of my polishes weren't pigmented enough to do small, dainty flowers in the shades I needed so I just changed it a bit but thought it would be a bit of a far stretch to include this in my True Blood nail art.

I really love pastels and I really love this polish by Models Own.  I really should buy more Models Own polishes as the ones I do have (Lemon Meringue and several Beetlejuice shades) are very pigmented and apply nicely (they can be a little thick but you can just take some excess off the brush before applying).  On the contrary, I LOVE this shade from Barry M, I've used it so much on this blog already but by golly is it sheer!  This is why I always have detailing on it because I never seem to get it totally opaque without being about 10 layers thick.  I might try a jelly sandwich with it and see how that goes.

So obviously, I painted my nails in my chosen colours, applied a thin coat of Seche Vite to speed up the drying process.  Once sufficiently dry, I used the Models Own White Striper (which I refilled with Snow Me White) to create the stripes.  I start with a line down the middle then one on each side, making sure they are all equally spaced out and actually straight.  Once dry, I used the steps in this tutorial by The Nailasaurus to create my roses.  I chose the placement of the roses around the corners of my nails because I kind of did this with my Sookie Stackhouse nail art and I really liked the effect.  I used roses of different sizes to make it look a bit more interesting and once I followed all of the steps in the tutorial, I filled in any gaps in the design with green leaf detail, adding some darker green to again make it look more interesting and realistic.  Once sufficiently dry (again), do another layer of Seche Vite and seal everything in!

I'm currently running very low on Seche Vite and I don't get paid until Friday so my next posts might be on the ol' nail wheel and might be some swatches, anyone got any preference as to what you want to see?  I could do swatches, tutorials...not much else LOL

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  1. I love this a lot. Its absolutely beaut.

  2. These are so incredibly pretty! I really must try floral nails soon, though I doubt they'll be as lovely as yours!

    Florrie x

    1. Thank you and I'm sure whatever you produce will be lovely as well :)

  3. wow this is stunning. Pastel colours are always my favorite. I like how it looks vintage and cute.

    1. Thanks :D Every time I'm picking colours for my nails I have to force myself to not use pastels because I would have them on my nails ALL THE TIME! They're so pretty :)

  4. this design is exellent! love it!

  5. classic and pretty
    I love it!


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