Sunday, 16 June 2013

Inspired By...True Blood - Sookie Stackhouse

 Sinful Colors Snow Me White, O.P.I Get Your Glamour On, Chanel Pirate and Inglot 702
Hello everyone.  This post comes to you thanks to my new Inspired By series.  True Blood has to be one of my favourite programmes and the new series starts tonight in America on HBO.  I thought now would probably the best time to do some True Blood themed nails but I couldn't decide on one design that would encompass the entire show so I thought I would break it down into characters, much like my Game of Thrones series.  These nails will mostly be inspired by the fashion choices of our favourite inhabitants of Bon Temps and the surrounding area.

The first in the series is inspired by our protagonist, Sookie Stackhouse.  Anyone who is a big fan of the Southern Vampire Mysteries books, which the series is based on, would know of Sookie's infamous white dress with red flowers as its the outfit she wears when she first goes to Fangtasia and meets Eric and Pam for the first time.

For this manicure, after I applied the white base coat, I painted blobs of Get Your Glamour On with a small brush onto my nail.  After they had dried, I applied highlights of pale pink, using the picture above as reference.  Then, once the highlights have dried, I added some shadowing with a darker shade.  On the blobs of colour, this shade worked well as a shadowing colour but when applied to just the white base, Pirate was a bit too pink so if I were to do this manicure again, I would use a darker, browner shade, maybe a burgundy like O.P.I's Skyfall.

I really like this manicure because you can see the correlation between the dress and the nails but they are not so obviously themed.  I hope you like the nails as well and be sure to let me know what you think via twitter, instagram, tumblr or in the comments below.  Enjoy True Blood tonight if you are watching and watch Secrets Behind The Set for me, I'll be asleep when it's happening :(



  1. OHHHHHH BEATIFUL!! I love true blood! I can't wait for the new season reallyª!

    1. Thank you! I've been wanting to do some more floral nails lately so this seemed like the perfect post to do it in :-)

  2. Omg this is stunning!

    My mum used to love this show till they stopped playing it on free view tv here.

    1. It has to be one of my favourite shows. I don't think I could wait until its shown here, the internet makes it easier LOL but I buy the DVDs so I don't feel too guilty :p


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