Friday, 21 June 2013

Inspired By...True Blood - Pam Ravenscroft

O.P.I A-Rose From The Dead, Hello Kitty Purple, Barry M Gold Foil and Barry M Nail Art Pens
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You Picking Up What I'm Putting Down?

So for anyone who is a fan of True Blood, we all know who the fashionista is...and I am not talking about Lafayette!  This manicure is based on Fangtasia's resident door woman Pam Ravenscroft or as she is known in the show, Pamela Swynford de Beaufort (why they changed her name, I have no idea).  What I like about her outfits in the show is that there is a clear dichotomy between Pam in Fangtasia, with her latex and PVC outfits, and Pam off-the-clock, with her pink and pastel twin sets.  I chose this outfit as inspiration as its the one that Pam is wearing in one of my favourite scenes of hers.

I painted most of my nails with A-Rose from the Dead which is a very pink-pink.  For someone who isn't typically a girly girl (floral nail art aside), I own a lot of pink polishes but I tend to steer more towards pastels or dusty pinks so to have such a pinky-pink on my nails is a bit strange but it's a good formula and needs two coats max.  The only difficulty I had was that it is a colour from one of O.P.I's mini sets so it can be a bit tricky getting enough polish onto the brush from the tiny bottle.  I added the gold and subtle stripe detail to try and replicate Pam's cardigan.  I initially added a black outline to the buttons but that didn't work so I had to start over.

For the accent nail, I painted the nail with this Hello Kitty Purple colour.  It doesn't have an official name and it came as part of a gift set.  The formula's a bit thin and comes up a bit matte but put a bit of Seche Vite on top and you're good to go!  The pattern on the accent nail is taken from Pam's skirt.  You can't get a very good look at Pam's skirt in any shots of her so I had to interpret what I could see but I do like it.  It could be neater I know but I am still getting used to the Barry M nail art pens.

Once again, I hope you enjoy this entry and let me know what you think via twitter, instagram, tumblr or in the comments below.  Have a lovely weekend and chat to you soon :-)

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  1. Really like these nails! They're girly, but the extra detail gives them a more sophisticated look, which I really like about them. And I adore that shade of pink! Might try this out, it's just too gorgeous not to!

    Ella xox


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