Friday, 7 June 2013

Inspired By...Game of Thrones - The Red Wedding

Barry M Lychee, Inglot 855 and Nina Pro Love Struck
So I'm sure a lot of you are still commiserating after the bloodshed of the Red Wedding in this week's Game of Thrones.  I knew what was going to happen and whilst I was watching the episode I was just waiting and waiting for it to happen and by golly was it horrible!  The scene itself was gruesome but seeing everyone's reactions of facebook, twitter and tumblr was hilarious I have to say.

I'm not too sure I have to do much explaining about these nails but here it goes.  The design is basically v-gaps with drips.  I used Barry M Lychee as my nude so it would replicate someone's chest.  I then created the v-gaps using a striper brush (for the first time, I usually use tape!) with this gold from Inglot.  I chose this colour because I was actually an extra on Game of Thrones this series (the other wedding in the series LOL) and this shade is the exact colour of the dress that I wore and of course, I chose Love Struck by Nina Pro because it is the perfect blood red.  In the end, I realise these are quite Lannister colours (in fact they are the same colours I used for my Lannister nail art sans Lychee) but I think the contrast between the colours works well and better than perhaps a darker colour that would have matched the palette of people's clothes in The Twins.

As always, any and all feedback is welcome and if you have any suggestions for more Game of Thrones manis (or even the general inspired by series), just let me know.  You can comment here or drop an ask in my tumblr askbox.



  1. that episode was devastating. The nails though are amazing!

    1. It was terrible, so so gruesome and thank you :-)


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