Thursday, 23 May 2013

Oh not another floral manicure...

 Sinful Colors Savage, Barry M Pink Flamingo, O.P.I A-Rose from the Dead and O.P.I Greenwich Village

I'm back guys!  The last few weeks have been MEGA stressful but now I just have to do my dissertation over the summer so I have far more free time on my hands :-)

These nails are inspired by my need for something bright on my nails and the flowers in my living room.  These turned out very painterly in style which I like and I'm loving the shading on my middle finger.  Savage is a great colour.  It's kind of a mix of a turquoise and a teal and is matte but of course I had to stick some Seche Vite on to make it shiny and purdy :-)

I hope you all like them and please leave feedback about what you'd like to see on the blog.  Hopefully I'll be doing some more Inspired by nail art as well as Game of Thrones (suggestions welcome!)



  1. Hey, welcome back.

    This is sooo stunning, in love with the bright blue. Detail is amazing.

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