Friday, 19 April 2013

Inspired By...Storm Thorgerson

 Barry M Black, O.P.I Get Your Glamour On, Hi Pumpkin, Greenwich Village, Models Own Nail Art Pen in Blue, Barry M Lilac, Topshop Nail Art Pen in Visionary and Models Own Nail Art Pen in White
So this week, the graphic designer Storm Thorgerson passed away.  Storm was behind many iconic album covers for acts like Led Zeppelin, Muse, Peter Gabriel and probably most famously, Pink Floyd.  I know this manicure, which is based on the album cover for Dark Side of the Moon, has been done to death but
I thought today would be a good time to try and recreate this famous design in celebration of this man's great skills but also because tomorrow is RECORD STORE DAY!  For those who don't know, Record Store Day is a day which celebrates the awesomeness of vinyl and independent record shops in general.  Artists both big and small release exclusive tracks for the day and if you have a record shop in your town or city, they are more than likely doing something.  I'll be heading into town bright and early tomorrow to my local record shop HEAD (and to see if they have Kavinsky on vinyl yet!)

I have to say that these nails didn't take as long as I thought they would.  I just have a white line on each of my nails on my right hand but all at jaunty angles so it doesn't look too boring compared to my left hand LOL.  It's only when I photographed my nails that I noticed how untidy the edges look on the rainbows but I might do a black border around them to tidy them up but we shall see.


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