Sunday, 28 April 2013

Broke with Expensive Taste - Floral/Minkpink Nails

 Sinful Colors Pistache, Revlon Fearless, Essie Size Matters, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and a pen! (click to view larger)

I've been wanted to do these nails for ages since I saw this dress from Minkpink in Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago.  This pattern is just so gorgeous that I had to take a picture of it there and then and my male friend who was with me gave me the strangest look.
Last night though, I used this picture as my reference as it was a much more HQ version of my photo.
photo taken from here
I love the colour combinations in the pattern and the etching effect as well.  You can buy either a skirt, dress or shirt in this pattern.  I wanted to get the shirt but there are none left in my size :(  The skirt is also available on ASOS from XS-L and all the other garments are available from UO but in limited sizes so if you want anything, get it now!  I wish I could but I don't get paid until Wednesday and I just bought THE MOST GORGEOUS JACKET EVER later that day so I have to curve my shopping habits for the next few weeks.
This was my first time using a pen in my nail art and I quite like the effect of it.  It's not exactly a copy of the pattern but you can see where the inspiration has come from.  When I went on to do my right hand, it was only then when I realised I had to DRAW with my left hand.  Most of the time, I replicate my designs on my right hand and I didn't want to leave it blank so I persevered.  It took AGES but it was quite therapeutic and I enjoyed the process.  My Dad did not since I had the big light on in the living room during a God awful Nicholas Cage film.  The design took probably about 2 and a half hours to do but I was waiting a lot for the base coat to be dry completely, as well as the black ink before I applied top coat and as you can see in some of the photos, I probably didn't wait long enough!  I'm going to look for some better pens and explore this sort of design more.

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