Sunday, 10 March 2013

Inspired By...Game of Thrones - House Targaryen

O.P.I Get Your Glamour On, Barry M Black, O.P.I Your Royal Shine-ness, O.P.I Number One Nemesis and O.P.I On Her Majesty's Secret Service

So this is the second of my Game of Thrones inspired manicures.  I've taken elements of the Targaryen sigil (The Three Headed Dragon) and created these filigree designs which could resemble it's tail or part of it's body.  I was going to make the entire manicure black with red detailing and keep the ring finger the same but I love this shade of red on the body of the nails so I inverted the colours for a more poppy manicure.  

The ring finger design is taken from Little-Nail's Mermaid Manicure, to which I adapted it to look like one of Dany's dragon eggs (click the pictures to see in more detail).  I was going to matte the entire manicure, which I did during my first attempt at this, but decided against it and due to various top coats reacting with each other, I had to start over today and if I am to be honest, I preferred the filigree from the first attempt but what's done is done and I cannot change that!

ETA - I wanted to show you what I did yesterday and why I had to restart LOL
My original design (which I like better) and...
What happens when Seche Vite, Matte About You and Drip-Dry mingle!  Lesson learnt my friends!

So what House or element of Game of Thrones should I attempt next - HAVE YOUR SAY!  Comment below and let me know what you would like to see next :D

Please share this post all over the show and let me know what you think, until next time (which maybe next week as I've an assignment which I should really be working on right about now...)



  1. Does it have to be a big house? Because if so, do a Tyrell look!
    (or you could do a Littlefinger/Baelish nail? because he wears the Mockingbird? :3)

    1. The colours for Tyrell will tie in with St. Paddy's Day as well which is handy so I shall kill to birds with one stone!


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