Sunday, 3 February 2013

Inspired By...Cracks

Polishes used: Chanel - Pirate and O.P.I - The Man with the Golden Gun
So this manicure was inspired by the film Cracks, Jordan Scott's directorial debut set in a 1930s boarding school starring Eva Green.

The inspiration for this manicure came easy as Eva Green's character, Miss G, wears red nails throughout the film and sports a half moon manicure on occasion...
This style of manicure is just so of this age and instantly brings a little old fashioned glamour to any ensemble.  I added the gold leaf topcoat to give the manicure a real luxe feel as the red polish is a Chanel shade (a Christmas present!).
It was my first go with this polish or any sort of Chanel polish and I can tell you that the quality is evident in the application of this polish.  I can really put my finger on it (no pun intended) but as I was putting the polish on, it just went on so smoothly.  It was the perfect consistency and I could have easily stuck with one coat but I went for two just to make it extra opaque.  This shade of red is a shade which would suit everyone.  It doesn't lean towards being blue or orange toned so will suit most complexions which is always a good thing!

And a bit about the film...
I've been meaning to watch Cracks for a while as I am a fan of Eva Green and period dramas and once I finally got around to watching it, I wasn't disappointed.  Ms.  Scott very much takes after her father and uncle (Ridley Scott and the late Tony Scott) as this film is very much a visually stunning debut.  The story is about a diving team and their diving teacher's reaction to the arrival of a new, exotic and worldly student.  The cinematography is stunning, the Irish countryside plays a vital role in creating this isolated world of Stanley Island and the boarding school.  The cast of young actresses hold their own against the wonderful Eva Green in the leading role.  She switches between benevolent, malevolent and naive with the flick of a cigarette butt.  Even if you are not interested in the narrative, just watch for the costumes.  My word, the costuming for Miss G is fantastic.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of the fashion throwback and this film has really awakened my fashion senses to the world of the wide trouser and headscarf.  At the moment, this manicure is as close as I can get to Miss G's style and I am happy with that.


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