Friday, 8 February 2013

Animal Hearts

 Polishes used: Barry M Black, O.P.I Candlelight, BINTM Mink Inglot Nail Art Pen Red and Models Own Nail Art Pen Black
Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I thought it was about time I did these nails.  As you can see, the animal print hearts are based on a pair of shoes I have and I have been wanting to do nails based on them for a while so since the 14th is next week, I thought, why not?  

To be honest, these don't look as nice on camera as they do in real life (yeah right I hear you cry) but I am pleased with them.  I used cellotape to create a stencil for the heart, painted it in and did my usual leopard print design and used my relatively new Inglot nail art pen.  I got a voucher for there for Christmas, bought some bits but still has £4 left and now it's closing!  I have to double check if its already closed yet but I have to say, I prefer the Inglot pen to the Models Own.  It has a longer nib and gives you more control and the nail polish inside is a little bit thicker, which I like.

I have another Valentine's Day manicure idea to do then it is back to regularily scheduled programming!  I'm back to uni and I shall be watched a lot more films so inspiration will hopefully not be that hard to find.

See you all in a few days and please share, follow, comment and whatnot and I hope you enjoy :-)

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