Sunday, 24 February 2013

And the award goes to...

 Polishes used: Barry M Black and Barry M Gold Foil

So yes, The Academy Awards are tonight, or if you are like myself and live across the pond, you will find out all the goss tomorrow morning, get to see who won what and who wore who!  As I am a film student, I couldn't let this joyous event go unmarked on my nails and so I present to you my Oscars manicure!
On my nails, in the classic colour combo of black and gold, I have gold tuxedos and a baroque floral pattern.  I chose this combo as the tuxedo is a classic look for the Oscars and the baroque pattern symbolises the one film I really want to win an award tonight, which is A Royal Affair (which I have already done a manicure for).  It has been overlooked in several categories, including Best Actor, Actress and Supporting Actor but it is nominated for Best Foreign Feature so I hope it wins!

I hope you all have a lovely day, what ever you get up to and enjoy the festivities of tonight, be it the wins or the fashions.  I'll be getting caught up tomorrow morning with Lorraine on ITV :-)

P.S - I was going to attempt to paint an Oscar on my thumb but I couldn't be arsed last night, just before anyone suggests it LOL

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