Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Inspired By...Magic Mike

Polishes used: O.P.I: Unfor-greta-bly Blue and Barry M: Silver Glitter  (click for bigger pictures)

I took the inspiration for these nails from Magic Mike, that oh-so-delightful film about male strippers and drug deals gone wrong.  
I wanted to try and get a glitter gradient going on with the silver glitter but it didn't really work out but I like the bow-tie detail (done with Models Own/Wah Nails stripers) which brings the whole jazzy, slighty Chippendale look together.

And A Bit About The Film...
I have spent far too much time trying to convince people that it is really a good film.  It's directed by Steven Soderburgh, probably most famous for the Ocean's series of films so it is a visually stunning, in terms of actors in it as well as cinematography.  One of my favourite sequences is a montage of Mike and The Kid getting off their faces on miscellaneous party drugs.  The use of colour, editing and music just work so well together.   


I think the film disappointed a lot of people because of how it was marketed.  Even when I went to see it, I expected a fun film about the mishaps of male strippers but what I got was a film with an excellent soundtrack and cinematography that explored the wanderlust of the youth today and how that wanderlust turns sour in later years.  The parallels between Mike and The Kid are clear, you can see that Mike was just like him when he was younger but by the end of it all, he just wants out and The Kid will come to a crossroads in a few years about whether he will follow Mike and leave the business to become 'legit' or whether he will follow Dallas' plan and try and cling onto his youth forever.  Food for thought but it's still a nice film for buff men :D

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