Friday, 18 January 2013

Inspired By...A Royal Affair

So this is the first official post on the blog and I thought I would start off by explaining what I want to do with the blog.  I've decided to post on here because I wanted to explore how films and fashion and other such things can influence nail art and I thought it would be too wordy for tumblr.  This is the first in a series of 'Inspired By...'.  The first manicure is a floral brocade manicure which was firstly inspired by MrCandiipant's tutorial for grown-up floral.
                                        Polishes used: Barry M Blue Moon and Essie Buy Me a Cameo
 I've already done this manicure before but wanted to try it again because it was so gosh darn lovely.  So onto the inspiration...

En Kongelig Affær or A Royal Affair is based on the affair between the Queen of Denmark and her unstable husband's Doctor at the end of the 18th Century.  Onto the inspirations!  What inspired me was of course, the costumes and settings.  The lush gowns and heavy drapery which were covered in intricate and beautiful patterns caught my eye and the colour combination of baby blue and bronze came about as they were the colours the Queen and Struensee wore as they danced together (call me a soppy romantic).  The colours immediately read very Marie Antoinette and seem to fit the period in which the film is set and so it was done!

And a bit about the film...
It is the Danish entry for 'Best Foreign Feature' at this year's Academy Awards.  It faces stiff competition and is unlikely to win as it is up against Michael Haneke's Amour but I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys period dramas, romance or men with deep voices speaking in another language.  It's shot beautifully, lots of use of natural light, negative space and close-up.  It's superbly acted by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (you might recognise him from Casino Royale, he was the one with the dodgy eye) and relative newcomer, Swedish actress Anna Vikander.  It is a heart-breaking tale of love that was doomed from the start and although by the end of the film my eyes were clouded over by tears, the ending leaves you feeling optimistic and happy.  Even though it's a historical film, I won't say what happens for fear of SPOILERS being shouted at me.  The film is available on DVD at the moment so go and get it!


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  1. I love this brocade style and the colour combo is beaut. Also: I really wanna see that film.


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